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Other Experiences

 Consulting and member of directing board for Nobaveh Baby Food Co. of Iran in cooperation with APV-DTD Co. and MD Food of Denmark (1988-1996).

 Consulting several food companies in Iran such as IQF Manufacturers, Meat Products Companies, Milk and Cheese products Companies, Chips and Dehydrated Potato Products Companies, Canning Factories, etc. (1987-2007).

 Directing the committee of the Food Science and Technology in Isfahan Science, Research and Technology Town, (1996-2001).

 Directing the Graduate School of the College of Agriculture at IUT since(1996-2001).

 Directing and Head of Food Science Dept. at Isfahan Univ. of Tech. and Shiraz University for more than 10 years (1981-1994).

 Member of the Research Committee for the College of Agriculture at IUT (1988-2001).

 Supervisor for more than 700 B.Sc., 25 M.Sc. and three Ph.D. students in Food Science major for their researches and dissertations.


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