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Research Experience

 The study of potato flakes and granules stability from different potato cultivars during processing and storage since 1975.

 One year research during sabbatical leave at the Food Sci. Dept., University of Alberta, Edmonton Canada(1985-1986), in the area of HPLC analysis of sugars in potatoes and dehydrated products such as potato granules.

 One year research during sabbatical leave in Food Science Dept. and School of Packaging at Michigan State University, U.S.A.(1994-1995), in the area of analysis of cholesterol oxidation products(COPs) of dried ice cream mix powder packed in different laminates during their storage.

 HPLC analysis of flavors in cheese particularly blue cheese, since(1975-1978).

 HPLC analysis of organic acids in fruits and vegetables, fermented milk products, and fermented vegetables since 1988.

 The study of dehydration of grapes and the effect of Australian oil or similar oils prepared in Iran, on their dehydration rates(1982-1984).

 The study of the quality and shelf life of potato chips and French fries prepared from potato cultivars planted in Iran since 1985.

 The study of whey protein concentrates (WPCs) and their effects on the quality of different processed foods.

 The study of the physical and chemical properties of different apple varieties during their cold and modified atmosphere(MAP) storage.

 Sabbatical leave(November 2001  July 2004) at the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, in Summerland, B.C. and the Food Science Dept. of the University of British Columbia, Vancouver,B.C., Canada. Doing research and studying in the field of functional foods, preservation and GC/MS analysis of bio-actives and antioxidants in medicinal herbs.

 The Study and Determination of Bioactive and Functional Peptides in lentils compared with Milk Functional Peptides.

 Isolation and purification of Bioactives and Probiotics from Natural Sources for Dairy Products Fortification for Human Health Benefits. 


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